Policy and Rates

Policies and Consent

  • Welcome to Lippmann Psychiatry. Your agreement to the following terms and conditions is required
  • for you/your child to receive professional services from me. If you do not agree, I will be glad to give
  • you referrals to other providers.

Clinical services

You consent for yourself/your child to receive a comprehensive diagnostic assessment. At the end of the evaluation, we will mutually decide if we will continue treatment together.

If there is a potential of any physical danger to you, your child, or others, you will call 911 immediately or go to the closest emergency room. To reach me outside of standard business hours, follow the instructions on my voicemail.

Note I do not have admitting privileges, nor am I affiliated with or on staff at any hospital. Should I deem more intensive services are needed than I can provide, I will do my best to ensure safety and obtain the appropriate level of care, but I cannot provide that care directly and cannot guarantee the receipt or quality of care that others provide.

All communication and clinical treatment will be documented in the patient chart. Both the law and the standards of the profession require such. You are entitled to receive a copy of these records unless I believe that seeing them would be emotionally damaging. If this is the case, I will be happy to provide the records to an appropriate mental health professional of your choice or to prepare an appropriate summary instead. Because client records are professional documents, they can be misinterpreted and can be upsetting. If you wish to see the records, it is best to review them with me so that we can discuss their content.

If you or your child is seeing me for medication management only:

● You will contact your/your child's therapist first for any emergency or crisis, unless it may be medication related

● You will inform me if you/your child are/am considering stopping therapy, or have actually stopped

● You/your child will see me in person no less than every three months for followups

Risks and benefits of psychotherapy: Psychotherapy has both benefits and risks. Possible risks include the experience of uncomfortable feelings (such as sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger, frustration, loneliness, or helplessness) or the recall of unpleasant events. Potential benefits include a reduction in feelings of distress, better relationships, better problem-solving and coping skills, and resolution of specific problems. Given the nature of psychotherapy, it remains an inexact science and no guarantees can be made regarding the outcome.


There is no guarantee of confidentiality under the following conditions:

● If I suspect you/your child are/is in imminent danger of harm to self or others, or a child or elderly person is being abused or neglected (as I am a mandated reporter)

● If a court orders a release of information

● If you initiate a malpractice lawsuit, or a billing dispute with a financial institution

● If your insurance company requests to review your/your child’s case

● If you pay by credit card, my name will appear on your credit card statement

● If you do not pay your bill, your balance due statement (including diagnostic and procedural codes)

may be sent to a collections agency or other responsible party

● Between me and my administrative staff, or colleagues with whom I consult professionally

You confirm you have reviewed my HIPAA privacy practices here:



Medicare is assigned. All others see below.

You agree to pay professional fees as follows:

$350 initial comprehensive psychiatric evaluation

$125 medication management 27 minutes

$275 psychotherapy sessions (optional) 52-59 minutes

$125 no-show/cancellation fee (if canceling within 48 hours of appointment)

You are financially responsible for all charges, whether or not:

● Insurance pays for any services

● We decide to proceed with treatment

● Treatment is successful, for which there cannot be any guarantee

You affirm you are an authorized user of the credit card whose number and expiration date supplied, and you do authorize its use for all fees incurred.